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20 Oct Your applications, your network = flexibility

teli cpaas provider

This is Part 3 of a guest blog post by Jen Singer, COO of Teli. Part 2 of the blog post can be found here.

As the world of CPaaS develops and enterprise customers understand the cost model advantages, we are seeing a significant shift to network contract consolidation. This is counter to many CPaaS providers who would prefer you use their network…together with another network contract to manage.

And yet, the CIO/IT Director is being asked to deploy increasingly more complex communications platforms. At teli, we saw this as a trend that meant we had to evolve based on these shifting needs of our customers.

  • We HAD to be more than just the transport mechanism.
  • We HAD to think beyond our network.
  • We HAD to get out of being just one of many carriers/providers in the communication stack.
  • We HAD to make it simpler for our customers to imagine, build, and deliver new products.
  • We HAD to make sure we were giving them the competitive advantage to getting to market first with their ideas.
  • We HAD to become a CPaaS.

This thinking allowed us to deliver unique new services with the greatest customer flexibility.

As a recent Restcomm blog post pointed out , partnering with a CPaaS enabler means that you become a CPaaS provider yourself.  This works for our partners and customers. With Restcomm, teli will be able to offer our customers point-n-click, drag-n-drop applications that give visualization into the routing and design of your network, all delivered alongside our suite of services with SSO to the teli portal or access to all the teli API’s.   This approach allowed us to enhance our product set, and our reputation as a leading global carrier and an omnichannel communications enabler. Come talk to us about what we can do for you.

If you are looking for a CPaaS Enablement partner, please request a Restcomm demo.

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