Build and deploy voice applications that scale with ease. Whether using our drag and drop Visual Designer or our robust telecom APIs, your team can build powerful cross-platform voice applications for web, IOS and Android. Design and create your next interactive voice response (IVR), conferencing, recording and playback, or artificial intelligence (AI) bot or app with Restcomm.

Use cases

dot   IVR


Build your own Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. Route your incoming calls to users, departments and mobile devices.




dot-purple   Call Conferencing


Patent pending large scale conferencing in the cloud can deliver reliable service to all company sizes and use cases




dot-blue   Call Center


Build your next call center app using WebRTC and improve both cost savings and scalability immediately. Take advantage of the of our Visual Designer to create all the routing logic, conferencing, call recording and call control



dot-red   Geolocation


Find your users on their mobile devices even when they are not on WiFi, Bluetooth and in buildings where GPS visibility is poor or non-existent.




dot-yellow   Power Dialing


Automate dialing and call routing with ease. Visual programming can make the complex very simple to implement for emergency services, school announcements, and restaurant applications



Voice features

Intelligent Call Control


Take control over your app call flow including call forwarding and routing, collecting input, playing music, recording and storing calls,, leaving a voicemail, sending an email and more.



Call Conference


Restcomm provides robust audio and video conferencing bridge functionality for your collaboration needs. You can create room-based and ad-hoc conferences with personal identification (PIN) codes that offer full conference room controls for a moderator including muting and dropping participants.



Restcomm provides audio signaling for all layers of the voice and video  protocol stack using SIP Servlets and JSLEE via RESTful APIs. Included resource adaptors for SIP, SS7, SMPP, Diameter and other telecom protocols enable companies to connect to the mobile network worldwide

Recording & Playback


Restcomm includes built-in and programmatic media recording and playback capabilities. Using Visual Designer or APIs, your team can implement features for recording voicemail and meetings, storing and forwarding messages and even transcription for voice to text.


Call Queues


Restcomm enables apps to implement intelligent Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) based on real-time information about the background of the callers. Features such as language, skills, time of the day and location can be easily implemented.


SIP Interfaces and API’s


Restcomm leads the open source projects implementing three key Java SIP standards including JAIN SIP (JSR 32) and SIP Servlets (JSR 289, JSR 359), as well as JAIN SLEE (JSR 240) with SIP Resource Adaptor.



Create synthesized audio messages that are delivered in a language, accent and gender configured for your users.



International Phone Numbers


Mobile, fixed, and toll-free international phone numbers worldwide.





Automatic speech recognition integration with services like Google Speech and IBM Watson enable you to create applications and services that listen to users in more than 150 languages. Imagine users driving your next app or service by talking to it!

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