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20 Oct Teli opening new markets with advanced CPaaS offering


This is a guest blog post by Jen Singer, COO of Teli, announcing the launch of Teli’s CPaaS offering with advanced SMS and Voice APIs.

Teli is a communications technology company, we focus on providing a full suite of communication solutions for resellers, app developers and enterprise customers. A year ago, we would have said we were a traditional telecommunications platform. However, recently our customers have taken us in a different direction.

The solutions they seek today require new approaches to address the speed and flexibility required.   That’s when we started looking at CPaaS solutions, specifically Programmable Voice and Programmable SMS.

Shifting our thinking to enabling our partners, developers and addressing the custom communication solutions demanded by Enterprise customers today led us to Restcomm for their CPaaS solution. It was the unique approach of Restcomm, focusing on enabling Service Providers, that gave us the right solution for our market.

Check out some of the CPaaS solutions we now offer.

For additional information, please contact: Jen Singer, COO,

If you are a Communications Service Provider looking for a CPaaS Enablement partner, please contact Telestax for a demo.

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