Build and deploy voice applications that scale with ease. Whether using our drag and drop Visual Designer or our robust telecom APIs, your team can build powerful cross-platform voice applications for web, IOS and Android. Design and create your next interactive voice response (IVR), conferencing, recording and playback, or artificial intelligence (AI) bot or app with Restcomm.




Our WebRTC SDKs let your organization embed rich audio and video communications features into web and native mobile application. You can quickly extend collaboration functionality to customers, partners, suppliers, and employees.




Restcomm provides a complete solution for messaging at all layers of the telecom protocol and application stack. This includes SMS, USSD and SIP messaging.

Why choose RestcommONE?

The RestcommONE platform is changing the way real-time communications are developed and delivered. It is scalable, highly available and the only WebRTC platform that supports Cloud, on- premise and hybrid deployment configurations. With RestcommONE, anything from simple voicemail systems to a complete Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) can be built and deployed quickly and easily.

  • Carrier grade, scalable, fault tolerant
  • Voice, Video, and Messaging based on WebRTC
  • On-premise, in the Cloud, hybrid deployment

  • Automated, drag and drop Visual Designer
  • SDKs and templates for web browsers, iOS,  and Android
  • Comprehensive and fully documented RESTful API for all services

RestcommONE Connect

Visual Designer


Drag and drop tool enables anyone to prototype and deploy simple voice, video and messaging applications without learning telecom protocols.




WebRTC SDK for desktop browsers integrates support for voice, video and messaging applications. Use it to test your applications and services built through the Visual Designer and Restcomm Markup Language.


Mobile WebRTC SDKs


Easily integrate voice, video and messaging capabilities in your native iOS and Android applications to give your development team a jump start.


RESTful API layer


It’s developer-friendly, secure, reliable and scalable. RESTful API layer rings Voice, Video and Messaging to your application.


RestcommONE Telecom

Load Balancer


Purpose built and high performance load balancer for Voice, Video, SMS, USSD and web traffic. Easily scale your Restcomm deployments whether on-premises or in the cloud.


SMSC Gateway


Enables SMS, Group SMS, Broadcast SMS and  SMS Shortcode services in both traditional SS7/SIGTRAN and IMS-based environments.


USSD Gateway


Enables GSM content and message delivery services as well as menu-based services like 611 operator, balance and top-up payment confirmation.




Enables location-based services (LBS) like advertising and weather information using the GSM networks’ understanding of where the users devices are physically without the use of GPS, WiFi or Bluetooth.




A Java Service Logic Execution Environment API, which complies with JSR22 and JSR240 for high throughput, low latency, scalability and software portability for all RestcommONE applications and services.


Sip Servlets


An extended SIP and WebRTC application server compliant with JSR-289 for supporting both traditional IMS and SIP services as well as next generation WebRTC-based RestcommONE telecom applications and services.


Media Server


A robust media routing engine for voice applications. Flexible extensions architecture to support new functionality like automatic speech recognition (ASR) with modules for Google Speech API and IBM Watson. Enhanced codec support including Opus for HD audio.




Java SS7 stack enables modern applications and services to communicates with legacy SS7-based equipment. Supported protocols include M3UA, SCCP, TCAP, CAMEL, MAP, and ISUP as well as M3UA (SIGTRAN) for IP based networks.




Efficient, scalable, rock-solid, and flexible Java implementation of the Short Messaging Peer to Peer Protocol (SMPP).




Efficient, scalable, rock-solid, and flexible SIP framework and implementation of the JAIN SIP JSR 32 Java Specification




Efficient, scalable, rock-solid, and flexible Java implementation of the Diameter standard for Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA).