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23 Feb SMS Enablement for Cisco Webex Teams

sms enablement webex teams


In this blog post, we will show you how to SMS enable your Cisco Webex Teams account, with the help of Restcomm Cloud. You can send and receive SMS and let your customers or teams reply to messages for an interactive chat-like experience.

What is Webex Teams?

Webex Teams is an all-in-one solution for messaging, file sharing, white boarding, video meetings, calling and more. It keeps teams connected anytime, anywhere, and moves work forward faster.

Learn more about Webex Teams

What is Restcomm?

Restcomm is a CPaaS (Communication Platform as a Service) Enablement platform running in the cloud.

Restcomm provides a developer-friendly RESTful API (Application Programming Interface) and no-code visual designer to build real-time Voice and Messaging applications in minutes!

The Restcomm team is really excited to bring the power of Restcomm CPaaS to the Cisco Webex Teams Community.

Learn more about Restcomm here.

The UCaaS Story

May 25, 2018 Telestax the company behind Restcomm announced Restcomm Message Exchange for Broadsoft’s Broadworks UC-One Platform.

Broadsoft is one of the major UCaaS vendors and the company was acquired by Cisco for $2 Billion Dollars in 2017.

The goal of the BroadSoft acquisition was to accelerate Cisco’s cloud strategy and collaboration portfolio. By adding the cloud calling and contact center solutions to Cisco’s calling, meetings, messaging, customer care and services portfolio.

Restcomm SMS Support for Webex Teams

Telestax is building on the success of Message Exchange for Broadsoft, by offering a Restcomm SMS Connector for Cisco Webex Teams.

The new connector lets you engage more quickly and much more effectively with your mobile customers and workforce. In the way that want to be contacted, by simply using SMS.



How it works?

If you have already registered a phone number on Restcomm Cloud. Proceed to the next steps. incase you did not register a phone number. The below image shows you how simple it is to get a PSTN number registered via the Restcomm Cloud Portal.










1. Enter your Restcomm Account SID and Auth Token, Domain name then click Authorize

2. You will now be redirected to the Webex Login Page (Enter your Cisco Webex username and password) then click next

3. Click Accept to confirm Restcomm Authorization to access your Cisco Spark Account

4. Once done you’ll be redirected to the Restcomm Webex Management Console so you can link PSTN phone numbers to any room you have on Webex Teams.

Restcomm Webex Management Console
5. Mapping Email to Phone Numbers as shown below

6. Number-to-Room allows you map Restcomm Phone Number(s) to Webex Teams Rooms


When the Webex Teams admin completes the mapping configuration between Restcomm Cloud and Webex Team. Every time a message is added to the room, every team member will get notified via SMS and can reply back. See it in action in this video.


This blog post demonstrates how Restcomm is able to quickly adapt and integrate Webex Teams to ensure your workforce remains productive and engaged with users over SMS.

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