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27 Dec Restcomm JSS7 Stack and RA 7.4.1 RELEASED!

TeleStax is pleased to announce the release of  Restcomm JSS7 stack and RAs 7.4.1!

Restcomm jSS7 7.4.1.GA release is for Restcomm customers.

Telestax has stopped making community releases for the 7.* branch. We will introduce a new 8.0 branch in early 2018.


This is a release with minor code updates.

Minor fixes :

  • Fixing of some bugs in CLI
  • #264 MAPErrorMessageSMDeliveryFailure – adding of processing of a SignalInfo parameter
  • #271 SCCP stack – adding send(SccpNoticeMessage message)
  • #267 Wrongly encoded if negative value for longitude
  • #262 SCCP/MTP: differentiate a networkID for incoming messages depending on a local GT
  • #261 TCAP: pure parsing function



First, the latest documentation for JSS7 stack family can be found online at Beginners can check out the Installation Guide and User Guide to get started.

Second, Restcomm JSS7 stack customers can the download binary files from

Help us improve the project by asking questions, reporting bugs for the stack and RAs ; we encourage you to contribute back for stack and RAs.

Your participation and feedback is highly appreciated!

We would love for you to be a part of the Open Source GitHub RestComm project family by contributing patches, documentation or tests. To get involved or to learn more about this process, please read our Open Source Playbook to get started. We also encourage you to check out the JSS7 project Roadmap where we have already marked issues with “Help Wanted”.

For more information about Restcomm jSS7 7.4.1., or other products, please contact Sales at +1 (650) 263 6146.

Sergey Vetyutnev and the Messaging Squad

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