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29 May Restcomm JSS7 8.0.1 Stack released!

TeleStax announces the release of  Restcomm JSS7 8.0.1 stack!

Restcomm JSS7 8.0.1 releases is tailored to all Restcomm customers.


All the major release changes are listed below:

  • Switching to SCTP lib 2.0 (netty 4.0 lib)
  • Congestion control for M3UA, SCCP and TCAP levels
  • TCAP multi-ssn support
  • Added possibility modify SCTP and SCCP configuration via CLI / GUI
  • Added M3UA statistic
  • Alarms management update for SCTP, M3UA and SCCP
  • SS7 Simulator: added auto UnstructuredSS response into USSD Client test
  • Adding of SCCP connected-oriented messages support
  • Fixing some bugs in stack and minor enhances of stack functionality
  • Namespaces were changed to “org.restcomm”
  • A set of functionality is present now only in the Restcomm version (congestion control, GUI management, statistic and alarms facility, SCCP routing based on GT)

You can find a list of all changes here.


First, the latest documentation for JSS7 stack family can be found online. Beginners can check out the Installation Guide and User Guide to get started.

Second, Restcomm JSS7 stack customers can download the binary files from our support portal.

Help us improve the project by asking questions, reporting bugs for the stack and RAs ; we encourage you to contribute back for stack and RAs.


Your participation and feedback is highly appreciated!

For more information about Restcomm jSS7 8.0.1, or other products, please contact Sales at +1 (650) 263 6146.

Sergey Vetyutnev and the Messaging Squad

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