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11 May Restcomm at JavaDay Istanbul and the future of remote working

Restcomm @ JavaDay Istanbul and the future of remote working

This past Saturday, Restcomm found itself in the beautiful city of Istanbul, for JavaDay event.  We were there with one of the opening talks, in which we shared insights about Remote Working and running a fully distributed company.

JavaDay Istanbul is one of the largest international software conferences in Turkey and is organised by Istanbul Java User Group. The conference is primarily centered around  Java, but also includes talks on Web, Mobile, Big Data, Cloud, DevOps, Agile and… the Future.

The slides for the talk, titled “Forget Distributed Systems. Build Distributed Companies” are available online. Your feedback and thoughts are very welcome, especially if you would like to exchange thoughts and experience on remote working.

If you would like to know more on remote working, please don’t hesitate to reach out on our Gitter channel.

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