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01 May Restcomm Connect 8.4 Improves Password Security and Support for Feature Access Control

Restcomm Connect, 8.4.0, improves security by hashing previously cleartext passwords and storing the obfuscated results into the user database. In addition, improvements in the feature access control (FAC) API allow the query and update of account profiles for specific properties in a profile so that operations are more granular and reduces time to respond to the user. Finally, we introduce an SBC mode to disable all NAT handling operations in Restcomm Connect to operate properly behind an SBC.

There are also numerous important bug fixes for character set encoding configuration towards an SMS gateway (SMSC), dial timeout operations in Visual Designer  apps, and to fix a long standing bug in the SIP REFER feature of Restcomm Connect.

Since we bundle Visual Designer, Console and WebRTC Demo apps into Restcomm Connect, we have improved the process of announcements here. See the updates for these in the section below as well as the release notes proper.


New Features

  • Clients passwords are now hashed in DB – security improvement
  • Profiles allow arbitrary properties to be saved/retrieved.
  • Added configurable SBC mode which if enabled will disable all NAT handling operations
  • New process to collect proper changes for release notes for bundled apps and services like Console, Visual Designer and WebRTC Demo


Breaking Changes

  • Accessing Olympus WebRTC from Console now requires to login again. This because of the new feature to hash passwords
  • Removed default clients alice and bob


Bug Fixes

  • Dial Timeout does not cancel task when Callee is busy
  • Configurable inbound/outbound SMPP encoding
  • Race condition on sending BYE to incoming call for a dial fork scenario
  • Fixed SDR event for SMS – commercial
  • Fixed REFER (Call Transfer) support to work with organizations


Migration Notes

  • Clients password are considered to be MD5 hashed in DB. Database migration scripts are available in commercial version. Database migration script will ensure existing clients passwords are properly migrated.
    • Database migration script will automatically take a backup of complete database before making any changes
    • Please take a backup of restcomm clients table (to be used in case we need to rollback as explained below)
    • In case of rollback to older version, kindly restore restcomm clients table only.


External Dependencies Updates

  • Console updated to version 8.4.0
    • Integrated Feature Access Control (FAC) limitations
    • Updated Console Look & Feel to match new Restcomm branding
    • Implemented new Sign In page in Console
    • Use Designer location in Console from configuration file
  • Visual Designer updated to version 1.2.0-139
    • Integrated Feature Access Control (FAC) limitations
    • Improved Designer performance with better xstream usage
    • Designer Look & Feel to match new Restcomm branding
    • Fixed an issue in WebRTC Demo jain-sip library, parsing some headers
    • Improve WebRTC Demo UX by showing incoming call screen on top even if caller is not the selected contact
    • Add additional configuration to WebRTC Demo for specifying client-specific parameters
    • Improve WebRTC Xirsys integration by checking for actual success response and using domain property as namespace (now required)WebRTC Demo updated to version 1.1.0-176


How to get the new releases

  • See the Restcomm Connect 8.4.0 release notes here.
  • Download the Commercial Release here.
  • Download the Community Release here.


How to get involved

First, the latest documentation for Restcomm Connect can be found online. Beginners can check out the Installation Guide and User Guide to get started.

Help us improve the project by asking questions and reporting bugs for Restcomm Connect; we encourage you to contribute back to Restcomm Connect project.

Your participation and feedback is highly appreciated!

We would love for you to be a part of the Open Source Restcomm project family by contributing patches, documentation or tests. To get involved or to learn more about this process, please read our Open Source Playbook to get started.

If you would like to try Restcomm Connect or all our other products and services, you can sign up for free here.

– From the Voice Video and SIP Squad

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