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14 Mar Restcomm Connect 8.3 Improves Support of Multi-tenant Deployments

Restcomm Connect 8.3 Improves Support of Multi-tenant DeploymentsRestcomm Connect 8.3 Improves Support of Multi-tenant Deployments

We are proud to release Restcomm Connect 8.3.0 with some exciting new features, many stability and security enhancements, and several important bug fixes. The new features provided are designed to improve setup and account creation for multi-tenancy support and to define feature sets allowed for different groups or organizations in a multi-tenant deployment.

New Features

  • Integration with DNS Providers (including Amazon Route 53) in order to automatically populate the required DNS records for a new organizations. Configuration for Route 53 needs to be provided
  • Restcomm-Connect Profiles API. Using the API you can create Profiles that describes the restrictions and permissions for a class of users. The profile then can be assigned to an Organization or to an Account. Profile will be applied in the hierarchy of Organization to Account and Account to sub-accounts, thus we don’t need to create a new profile for an account. For example, we can create profile for Organization and this will be applied to all accounts/sub-accounts in the the organization.
  • Restcomm-Connect Account Migration API to move accounts to an organization. Upgrading from an older version to a new Restcomm-Connect that supports Organizations for multi-tenancy, Accounts Migration API provides the necessary tools to migrate accounts to Organizations.


Integration with DNS providers, Profile APIs and Account Migration APIs are provided as preview features for community to use and provide feedback. Currently, Restcomm-Connect core, makes no use of the Profiles API, but a developer could use it to provide a Restcomm-Connect extension.


Security Fixes

  • Check Account state and deny any request if state of the account is not Active. This Security fix impacts Clients and IncomingPhoneNumbers by checking the state of the Account that those resources belong, thus impacts traffic on SMS, Voice, USSD from Clients or PSTN and Client registration.
  • Suspend sub-accounts and deny any requests coming from that accounts or sub-accounts, when parent account is suspended.



  • Provide default timeLimit of 4 hours for Conferences. The timeLimit can be configured in the RVD or RCML app and so to override the 4 hours default timeLimit
  • Several improvements for REGEX support in numbers. Safely handle REGEX IncomingPhoneNumbers for Organizations and in case a specific number provided make sure it will be used instead of a REGEX that might also match the requested number.
  • Fixes for Dial verb, sequential dialing, and a race condition when in dial forking RC receives 200 OK responses from multiple branches simultaneous.
    • There was a bug in the implementation of the Dial timeout attribute that resulted to be applied twice.
    • On Dial forking, Restcomm-Connect will now pick the proper branch that responded with a 200 OK, will bridge it to the Caller and cancel the other branches no matter if multiple 200 OK received simultaneous
    • On sequential dialing, Restcomm-Connect will proper play ringing or announcements if first call doesn’t answer the call
  • Live Call Modification (LCM) API improvements. Using LCM to move a call to a new RCML that dials to a new destination, properly setup bridge.



First, the latest documentation for Restcomm Connect can be found online. Beginners can check out the Installation Guide and User Guide to get started.

The community version of Restcomm Connect 8.3.0 can be downloaded from here.

Help us improve the project by asking questions and reporting bugs for Restcomm Connect; we encourage you to contribute back to Restcomm Connect project.

Your participation and feedback is highly appreciated!

We would love for you to be a part of the Open Source Restcomm project family by contributing patches, documentation or tests. To get involved or to learn more about this process, please read our Open Source Playbook to get started.

If you would like to try Restcomm Connect or all our other products and services, you can sign up for free here.

– From the Voice Video and SIP Squad

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