Restcomm provides a complete solution for messaging at all layers of the telecom protocol and application stack. This includes SMS, USSD and SIP messaging.

Use cases

dot-yellow   Two-way SMS


Send and receive SMS, Broadcast SMS, group SMS and shortcodes to users and networks  worldwide.




dot-blue   Bulk Messaging


Broadcast messages to all of your users for events, app invites, location sharing and more.




dot   2FA


Create a two factor authentication system using mobile numbers and short codes for your next app or service.



Messaging features

Message queueing


Send a high volume of messages with a single API request. We queue your SMS messages and deliver them for you.



Delivery reports


Get real-time business intelligence from our live delivery reports for all your SMS text messages sent.

SMS concatenation


We support sending messages longer than 160 characters and automatically concatenate them up to 1,600 characters with no additional effort on the part of the user. No more lost messages or ugly, manual chunking.

Real-time SMS notifications and logs


Fetch your SMS logs in real-time with our APIs. Receive detailed information including message direction, message status, API log reports, and message time stamps



Bulk messaging


SMS API supports multiple outbound SMS text messaging with a single API request at a carrier base rate of 1 SMS/second per long code.



Unicode characters


We supports Unicode UTF-8 to send and receive SMS text messages in the most used languages including Chinese, Japanese, French, Arabic and symbol scripts.

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