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20 Dec How To CPaaS Enable DID Numbers ?

Make your DID Numbers Sell Like Cup Cakes !

If you are a communication service provider with an inventory of phone numbers, this tutorial is for you. We will see how to empower your existing DID (Direct Inward Dialing) Numbers by CPaaS Enabling them which means we will be giving them programmable functionality using  Restcomm,

In order to do this you must have the below items ready:-

1- DID (Direct Inward Dialing) numbers

2- SIP Protocol based System (Softswitch, SBC, Others..)

3- Restcomm Cloud Account .

Once you have got the above items in the list ready to go, you will need to follow the below steps in order to point our DID numbers to Restcomm and CPaaS enable them.

Steps to try the inbound calls coming from your SIP network to (no auth required):

0) Let’s say you are proxying your DID +44123456789
1) In Restcomm configure the DID as New Number as a SIP Number in https://{mydomain}

2) Associate the RVD/IVR application you just created with that new SIP number;
3) In your softswitch or sbc, simply Proxy the call to as a SIP Invite having the URI in the following format: .

If your equipment does not support SIP SRV lookup, you can try this work around (not recommended):

Point your traffic to Host:    (The same subdomain you used when signing up)

Outbound Proxy:

Note that it is preferable to use SRV because this Load Balancer IP may change in the future, so DNS is the best approach.

Now initiate the SIP call to the number:

Wrap up

Once you have point your DIDs to Restcomm cloud, you can now simply create unlimited scenarios with those DID numbers, like create Smart IVR Trees, Number Masking Scenarios, Assign the number to another SIP Endpoint and so on.

If you’re interested in reading more about CPaaS use cases built using DID numbers, go here.

Thank you for reading.

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