RestComm Core Documentation

The Restcomm Communication Platform is the best architecture to integrate Communications as a Feature into your applications and services. It enables you create, deploy and manage services and applications integrating voice, video and data across a range of IP and legacy communications networks. It drives convergence with the following key enablers:

Restcomm SDKs and Clients Restcomm-Connect Restcomm GMLC GeoLocation Server User Guide Restcomm SMSC User Guide Restcomm USSD Gateway User Guide Restcomm Load Balancer User Guide Restcomm-SIP-Servlets Restcomm Media Server Restcomm JAIN SLEE Service Delivery Platform Restcomm jSS7 Stack User Guide Restcomm SMPP Stack User Guide Restcomm jDiameter User Guide

You will find documentation for each of the components below :

You will find Tutorials at :