Olympus WebRTC client enables fast and convenient set up of Restcomm platform over web interface. With Olympus' WebRTC client, Restcomm has evolved from its previous client, described here telestax.com/livechat-and-video-call-with-restcomm/.

This tutorial will show you how to use the new Olympus WebRTC client to take advantage of Restcomm’s telephony features.


A Restcomm installation. Please check http://docs.telestax.com/restcomm-docker-quick-start-guide/ on how to install Restcomm.

Calling Restcomm with WebRTC

First, let’s see how we can make a call to Restcomm and hear a simple announcement

  • Olympus will request access to Microphone and Camera and then will present the main screen

  • When the main screen is presented:

    1. Click on the Contacts icon

    2. Click on number ‘1235’

    3. Click dial to make a call to Restcomm and hear the announcement associated with ‘1235’


You could follow these steps to call any Restcomm number by either selecting a number from the list or adding a new one in contacts.

Call from Bob

Say your friend Bob has logged in to Olympus and wants to talk:

  • Use a separate tab to login to Olympus as shown before but this time Sign in as Bob, not Alice (for this tutorial we will be using just a separate tab in the same browser, but a more fitting example would be another user from a remote machine)

  • After you sign in as Bob:

    1. Click on the Contacts icon

    2. Pick Alice as the desired person to call

    3. Click on the video call icon:


At this time, Olympus will start to ring in Alice’s window:

  • Pick up from Alice tab and you are ready to talk!


Chatting with Bob

  • After you sign in as Bob:

    1. click on the Contacts icon

    2. Pick Alice

    3. Click on the chat icon:

  • Do the same in the Alice window and pick Bob to chat with

  • From now on all messages from Alice will be sent to Bob and the other way around:


Give it a try and share your experience with the rest of the Restcomm community! Here are some additional resources: