This tutorial will show you how to build a Restcomm powered app Voicemail to Email that can be used within the context of a small business. When a customer leaves a voicemail, an email is automatically sent to the callee. The email will contain details about the caller and a URL link to listen to the voicemail. You can download a working  "Voicemail to Email" app HERE or proceed below to learn how to build a similar app.

Envelope with message and email technology

The email part of the app is powered by Mailgun but you are free to use any email service provider of your choice.


  • knowledge of Restcomm

  • knowledge of PHP

  • knowledge of JSON

  • knowledge of MailGun service

  • Web server to host PHP scripts

Application features

  • Welcome module - choose a department to leave a message for

  • LeaveMessage – leave a message

  • ExternalService – this module attach your voicemail and sent it to an email

  • Bye - you can hang up or press 1 to go to the Welcome module

To get the application working you will need to make and configure a MailGun account. You will also need Composer ( configured on your local host.

Step 1

  • Log into Restcomm Admin UI

  • Create a new project

  • Create the following modules:

    • Welcome

    • LeaveMessage

    • ExternalService

    • Bye

Voicemail2Email modules

Step 2

  • Go to Welcome module

  • Add Collect verb

  • Drag and drop Say verb into collect prompt. Enter the following text in the Say text area: "Welcome to Telestax. To leave a message for $deptOne press 1. For $deptTwo and general inquiries press 2."

  • From the right side choose to collect digits.

  • Enter getUserInput in Assign to text area. Choose application as a scope.

  • Choose to continue to LeaveMessage module

  • Go to Say if invalid area and type the following text: "You have entered an invalid value, please try again."

  • Set 1 as Number of digits

Welcome Module Voicemail2Email

Step 3

  • Go to LeaveMessage module

  • Drag and drop Say verb.

  • Type the following in the text area: "Please leave your message and phone number after the beep and press star when you are finished."

  • Drag and drop Record verb

  • Choose to continue to External Service module

  • Choose beep to be played

  • Set star as Finish on key

Voicemail2Email LeaveMessage module

Step 4

  • Go to ExternalService module

  • Drag and drop External Service

  • Add as Url Parameters following variables:

Variable Name

Variable Value

















  • Choose to Continue to Bye module

  • When you are done the page should look similar to the screenshot below

Voicemail2Email ES

Step 5

  • In this step we will create a PHP script that is going to send the recorded messages and caller ID from RestComm to e specific email address.


//require Composer autoload file
require 'vendor/autoload.php';
use Mailgun\Mailgun;

//External Service variables needed for the Application Voicemail2Email
$mgKey = $_GET["mgKey"];
$mgDomain = $_GET["mgDomain"];
$emailTo = $_GET["emailTo"];
$emailFrom = $_GET["emailFrom"];
$emailSubject = $_GET["emailSubject"];
$emailBody = $_GET["emailBody"];
$deptOne = $_GET["deptOne"];
$deptTwo = $_GET["deptTwo"];

//Get user's option for which department to leave a message.
$getUserInput = $_GET["getUserInput"];
//Get user phone number
//Get recording URL
//Warning message included in the email body
$warning = 'This is an automatic message sent from Smaill Company IVR. Please DO NOT reply to this message.';

//Sending the message to the department of choice

if ($_GET['getUserInput'] == 1){

$GLOBALS['messageFor'] = $deptOne;

    } elseif($_GET['getUserInput'] == 2){
$GLOBALS['messageFor'] = $deptTwo;

//Sending the recording and caller information to specific email
$mgClient = new Mailgun($mgKey);
$result = $mgClient->sendMessage($mgDomain, array(
    'from'    => $emailFrom,
    'to'      => $emailTo,
    'subject' => $GLOBALS['messageFor'] . ':' . $emailSubject,
    'text'    =>   $emailBody . "\r\n" .
            ' Caller info : '. $core_From . "\r\n" .
            ' Click on the voicemail URL: ' .  $core_PublicRecordingUrl  ));

  • Now go back to the ExternalService module and use the link to this script as Service URL

Step 6

  • Go to Bye module

  • Drag and drop Collect verb

  • Drag and drop Say into the collect prompt. Type the following in the Say text area: "Thank you for calling Telestax. You may hang up or press one to go back to the main menu"

  • Choose to Create menu. Enter 1 as digit and choose Welcome module as a target.

Voicemail2Email Bye

You now have a fully functional Voicemail To Email service that can be used as a standalone solution or integrated into a more complex PBX solution.