In this tutorial, you will learn how to send an SMS from Restcomm Visual Designer (RVD) to a Jitsi SIP phone.  


  • Restcomm on running on your local server.

  • Jitsi SIP phone installed on your local server. (Latest version of Jitsi)

Step 1

Create an SMS application using RVD

  • Go to on your web browser

  • In the Start New Project page, choose Voice

  • Create a new project RVD project. In this tutorial the project name is SMSTest and press the button Create


Next, create two new modules.called Welcome and Send SMS

  • Remove the default Say verb

  • Drag and drop the Dial Verb into the Welcome module.

  • Drag and drop the Client noun to the space below the noun list and enter the name alice

  • You must create the Send SMS module in order to be able to select it in the Continue to drop down list.

  • The Welcome module should be similar to the screenshot below.


Next, you need to create the Send SMS module

  • Drag and drop the SMS button on the left hand pane into the new module you have just created

  • Type the SMS message you will like to send in the text area of the Say verb.

  • Enter alice in the To field

  • Enter any number in the From field

  • Leave the rest of the field as default

  • The Send SMS module should look like the screen below

  • Save the project by pressing the Save button at the top of the page


Step 2

You must now link the newly created SMSTest to a Restcomm phone number.

  • Go to in order to open the Restcomm Admin Management page

  • You will see the login, screen below. Log in using your credentials.


In the main dashboard, click on the menu Numbers to reveal a list of already configured phone numbers and the application to which they are linked.

  • Next, click on the +Register Number button


In the Register Number window, enter a new phone number you will like to attach to your SMSTest application. In this tutorial 7777 is the number chosen.

Click on the Optional Parameters to reveal more configuration options

In the Voice section under Voice Request URL, click the option button at the end to reveal available RVD projects.

Select SMSTest and at the end of the window, press the Register button to confirm your configuration.  


The number 7777 will now appear in the list of registered numbers.  

Step 3

In this section, you will configure Jitsi SIP phone to use the Restcomm application you have just created and receive the SMS message you configured.

  • Start two instances of jitsi from the command line.

  • The first instance can be started by typing jitsi

  • Second instance jitsi - -multiple

Configure instance with alice account

  • Click on the menu Tools →Options

  • Click on the Add button at the bottom of the window

  • In the Network, select SIP

  • SIP id = alice

  • Password = 1234

  • Click on the Advanced button


In the Account Registration Wizard, go to the Connection tab

  • Enter as the Registrar IP address and leave the port as default

In the section Proxy Options, uncheck the Configure proxy automatically and enter the following:

  • Proxy =

  • Port = 5080


  • At the bottom of the window, press Next, then, Sign in

  • You should now see that alice is registered when you set the account to online.


Next step is to configure the second instance with user Bob. The configuration is similar to the one used for Alice.

Step 4

Alice configuration SIP port must match the port configured in the restcomm.xml file to which the SMS message will be sent

How to check: In the Jitsi instance on which user Alice is configured,

  • Click on the menu Tools → Options

  • Click on the tab Advanced, on the left pane, select SIP

  • That will show the screen below:


Make sure the SIP client port above (5070)matches the port defined in the $RESTCOMM_HOME/standalone/deployments/restcomm.war/WEB-INF/conf/restcomm.xml

<sms-aggregator class="SmsService">

Step 5

You can now make a call from Bob to Alice. From the Jitsi SIP phone on which Bob is registered. make a call to 7777, the number attached to the SMSTest application.

See screenshot below  


The Jitsi phone to which Alice is connected will ring.

Answer the call and then hang up. The SMS message you entered in the Send SMS module of the RVD will appear in a pop-up window similar to the one below. Note that the number 55555 appears as the source of the SMS message.