This tutorial will help you to create a number masking application using the Restcomm Visual Designer. Follow the steps below to get started.

Creating your phone number masking application

  • Log into your account

  • Navigate to “Applications

  • Choose “Create a Visual Designer Application” option

  • Select “Number masking” template from the list available in the Template Gallery

  • Name your application and click “Create

See screenshot below:


Designing your application

  • Click on the “Design” button

  • Next, configure your application parameters

    • agentPhoneNumber - enter the phone number of the agent that will be dialed

    • callerID - specify the caller ID that will be displayed on the agent’s side (e.g. 5555)

Note: Some carriers don’t support the CallerID override.

See screenshot below:


Binding your application to a phone number

  • Head back to the Restcomm Console and navigate to “Numbers

  • Search for available phone number in the region you are interested in

  • Click on “Register number

  • Select your application from the Voice URI drop down

  • Click “Save

See screenshot below:


Testing your application with Restcomm WebRTC demo

You need to have an active SIP client registered on the Cloud
  • Log into your Restcomm WebRTC demo account

  • Click on “Add contact” button

  • Enter the phone number your application was bound to

  • Click on “Add contact

See screenshot below:


You are all set. Dial the newly added contact. Your agent should receive an incoming call with the previously configured caller ID.