This tutorial will take you through the steps of installing Restcomm to a GNU/Linux box using the latest release from GitHub.


  • A Linux box with Java 1.7 or higher installed

  • Free VoiceRSS account for text to speech functionality

Installing Restcomm

  • Download Restcomm latest release and extract it:

    $ unzip <mobicents restcomm release>.zip
  • Go to link: and get a Text-to-Speech account. This is a free account that is required to activate Text-to-Speech in Restcomm.

  • Navigate to $RESTCOMM/bin/restcomm/restcomm.conf and set the string you got from voicerss accordingly:

    # VoiceRSS variable declarations
    VOICERSS_KEY='<voicerss key here>'
  • From the same directory start Restcomm platform by executing:


Now the Restcomm platform is up and running! You can experiment with it right away using the built-in Olympus WebRTC client that ships with Restcomm.

Just open http://<restcomm ip>:8080/olympus and you are good to go!

Restcomm Olympus

For more information on how to use Olympus please check out How to use Olympus with Restcomm