Restcomm is a next generation Cloud Communications Platform to rapidly build voice and text messaging applications, using mainstream web development skills. Restcomm is a turnkey Cloud Communications solution from Telestax.


Legos will give you the followng configuration information

SIP Trunk Server : XXX.bornsip.XXX
Trunk Authentication Id : AuthenticaionIDXXXXXXXX
Trunk Password : AuthPasswordXXXXXXXXX
Outbound CallerID : CallerIDXXXXXXX

Step 1 - Change outbound setting in the file

  • Edit the  as follows (ONLY FOR RESTCOMM ON AMAZON CLOUD)

  • #Change the Outbound proxy to '' export OUTBOUND_PROXY=$(readUserData OUTBOUND_PROXY 'XXX.bornsip.XXX')

  • Disable the Telestax proxy by setting the following line to 'false'

  • export ACTIVE_PROXY=$(readUserData active_proxy 'false')

Step 2 - Edit restcomm.conf file

Go to the $Restcomm_HOME/bin/restcomm/restcomm.conf file and edit the following lines

# Address for outbound calls

Step 3 - Edit restcomm.xml

  • In the $Restcomm_HOME/standalone/deployments/restcomm.war/WEB-INF/conf/restcomm.xml

  • Search for the tag <outboudproxy-user-at-from-header> the value must be set to "true"

  • <outboudproxy-user-at-from-header>true</outboudproxy-user-at-from-header>

Step 4 - Restart Restcomm

  • Restart Restcomm and make a call to a PSTN in France.

  • The CallerID of the SIP phone you use to make the call should be CallerIDXXXXXXX (Provided by Legos)