Restcomm Docs

The Restcomm Real Time Communications Server is the best architecture to integrate Communications as a Feature into your applications and services. It enables you create, deploy and manage services and applications integrating voice, video and data across a range of IP and legacy communications networks. It drives convergence with the following key enablers and full Communications stack :

Restcomm SDKs and Clients Restcomm-Connect Restcomm GMLC GeoLocation Server User Guide Restcomm SMSC User Guide Restcomm USSD Gateway User Guide Restcomm Load Balancer User Guide Restcomm-SIP-Servlets Restcomm Media Server Restcomm JAIN SLEE Service Delivery Platform Restcomm jSS7 Stack User Guide Restcomm SMPP Stack User Guide Restcomm jDiameter User Guide

The Restcomm Platform is comprised of 3 main parts as can be seen on the diagram above :