23 Feb How CPaaS and APIs Will Take Your CRM To The Next Level

How CPaaS APIs Will Take Your CRM To The Next Level

Many of our customers are in the CRM software business. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and it is the kind of  software Small-Medium Business (SMB) use to manage their customer contacts, correspondence, appointments and marketing campaigns..  These SMB companies might differ in the area they are working on, but when it comes to customer relationships, they have one important requirement  in common: reachability.

Recently, a small startup contacted me about their plan to create a new generation of CRM tools. They have been software developers for a long-time and have deployed and managed Enterprise and Business management software for SMB accounting.  But they decided to create a new business when one of the founders had his dentist’s  appointment canceled with no prior notice when the doctor got sick.  


When a Closed Dentist Office Makes You Think…

When he saw himself in front of a closed dentist office he realized that they had no easy or practical means to reach to patients in the event of a cancellation by the office.  There were so many appointments in that day that calling every patient would be impossible – “we sent an email instead” – they replied when he asked – of course it was an outdated one….

After researching solutions for SMB office appointments,  he realized that all the dentists in the region were using the same software and communicating with their patients in the same way. “It was like this industry is still buying Windows NT when everyone is talking AI…” he told me.  So he convinced a number of team members to look at this niche market and develop a web-based CRM proof of concept service (PoC) that was easy-to-use but extensible to meet new requirements he was discovering when talking to more and more potential customers.

One of the key goals of this new tool was to overcome reachability issues he faced before. After investigating more thoroughly,  he realised most of the patients were still relying on old-fashioned telephone or mobile services  like SMS or analog phone calls. That was a problem to him: how could his modern web-based service send and receive antique  protocols created and implemented in the Stone Age of telecommunications. Having his new software sending an email or even an IP or SIP based message was easy, but how the heck was he going to integrate the plain old telephone network or mobile network messaging into his application?

After over-engineering a bit – like having considered putting a SIM card on every platform shipped to a new dentist office –  he concluded that it did not need to be that complex. Especially after speaking with a number of traditional telephone and mobile carrier operators he was realizing how expensive it could be.  


CPaaS Comes to the Rescue!

Fortunately, Google is your friend– he searched for “communication as a service” and immediately was “corrected” to “communication platform as a service”.  Conveniently, “Telestax” appears very prominently in the search results. Upon reviewing the  Telestax web pages, he learned he did not need SIM cards, over-engineering, expensive and hard to get relationships with telecom carriers. The solution: a simple Web-API was all he needed to send messages and place calls.

The rest of the story you can already imagine… after having the CRM platform ready, they learned that other similar companies and startups were actually looking for the same kind of CPaaS delivered services – so why not becoming a provider instead of just a consumer? He would be serving not only his platform but even similar ones in the market. In the end of the day he was even getting revenue directly from his competitors.

How CPaaS APIs Will Take Your CRM To The Next Level Restcomm diagram

So they did that; in the same cloud infrastructure serving the CRM backend was running, they connected to Restcomm Cloud, interconnected with a local carrier (guided by Telestax of course), and started exposing SMS APIs, Voice APIs, telephone numbers (called direct inward dial numbers or DIDs) and other advanced features. And, after trying out Restcomm Visual Designer (RVD), they realize that they can automate and integrate their customers’ scheduling services and automated notifications into fancy IVR systems that would interconnect with their CRM software.

Today, my client is providing a cloud platform for building comprehensive and sophisticated real-time CPaaS, with SMS, Voice and Messaging and still has no clue on how carrier and telecommunications protocols and services work, because he doesn’t have to 🙂

I encourage you to try Restcomm for yourself to see how quickly you can change your business prospects and your future. For more information, sign up here.

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