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23 Apr Restcomm and Google Dialogflow AI in action

Introduction Dialogflow is a Google-owned developer tool for human–computer interaction based on natural language conversations. Dialogflow is closely related to Google Assistant, a virtual buddy for smartphones that performs tasks and answers users' question in a natural language. Build natural and rich conversational experience DialogFlow gives users new...

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29 Mar Restcomm Connect 8.3.1 Supports Custom SIP Headers and Provisional Responses For MGCP

Restcomm Connect 8.3.1 release fixes a small problem with recording in Visual Designer apps and introduces several new features including support for custom SIP headers, better integration with Restcomm Media server through implementation of provisional responses in MGCP, and adds better support of the new...

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09 Mar Restcomm Connect 8.3 Improves Support of Multi-tenant Deployments

  Restcomm Connect 8.3 Improves Support of Multi-tenant Deployments We are proud to release Restcomm Connect 8.3.0 with some exciting new features, many stability and security enhancements, and several important bug fixes. The new features provided are designed to improve setup and account creation for multi-tenancy support...

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