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The only open source full stack communications platform as a service

06 Feb Welcome to the future of work!

Remote working is the future of work Telestax, the company behind the largest CPaaS open source platform, Restcomm, is a fully distributed, fully virtual company where everyone works remotely. It has no central offices and actual headquarters. Since it has no “home office”, there are definitely,...

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31 Jan Restcomm Media Server 7.0 Supports HD Audio with Opus and Automatic Speech Recognition!

  What's new on Restcomm Media Server?   OPUS Codec Restcomm Media Server 7.0 includes support for the OPUS codec! Opus distinguishes itself from most high quality formats by having low delay. It also supports extremely high audio quality which makes it stand out from low delay formats. In the...

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23 Jan New Restcomm SMSC Gateway 7.4 release supports Horizontal Scalability!

This Restcomm SMSC Gateway 7.4 release is based on the community version with additional improvements for performance, functionality and stability. Most importantly, this new release supports Graceful Shutdown and Horizontal Scalability through SS7 nodes clustering with the recently released Restcomm Load Balancer 12.0 configured as...

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