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23 Apr Restcomm and Google Dialogflow AI in action

Introduction Dialogflow is a Google-owned developer tool for human–computer interaction based on natural language conversations. Dialogflow is closely related to Google Assistant, a virtual buddy for smartphones that performs tasks and answers users' question in a natural language. Build natural and rich conversational experience DialogFlow gives users new...

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12 Jan How To Connect Restcomm to 300+ Voice Carriers ?

300 Voice Interconnects. In Minutes !

In this tutorial, I will show you how to connect your Restcomm Cloud to over 300 voice carriers around the world in just minutes. After you complete this tutorial you will be terminating voice calls to operators and tier1, tier2, tier3 carriers around the world at wholesale prices regardless of your current traffic volumes, after this tutorial you'll be able to instantly pass up to 60% in cost savings for every call you terminate from now on using Restcomm Cloud "The only Full Stack CPaaS" and TelecomsXChange for carrier connectivity.

This integration is a game changer for developers and service providers,  you can save up to 60% on voice termination instantly, this is the only way for developers to use the APIs they love with full control and flexibility of switching carriers in a few seconds, If take a closer look you'll realize that Programmable LCR and Programmable Routing was just born for developers.

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30 Nov Inbound Voice Explained in 4 Steps

By now you may have heard about Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC). The ability Restcomm provides so you can interconnect your own Voice and SMS infrastructure to become a CPaaS provider yourself. BYOC interconnections allow you to terminate your Restcomm originated Voice calls or Text Messages within your (or your...

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