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10 Apr Get Rich With Bitcoin, And Let Restcomm Visual Designer Show You How

Get Rich With Bitcoin, And Let Restcomm Visual Designer Show You HowWant to get rich with cryptocurrencies? We all do! But, first, we need to be able to figure out how and when to convert and liquidate our holdings between the various available currencies and legacy currencies like US dollars and Euros. Now that we grabbed your attention, it’s time to put our knowledge of Restcomm APIs and Restcomm Visual Designer to good use.

This is a simple interactive voice response (IVR) application which allows you calculate the exchange rate of four currencies: USD, Euro, GBP, PLN to Bitcoin. The application is using an external service:<currency>&value=<units>



High level diagram

diagram -Bitcoin Calculator with Restcomm Visual Designer

Flow description

  • Welcome
    • Welcome IVR which allows to decide which currency has to be converted
  • Unit
  • DTMF collection of number of units
  • Convert
    • Conversion for DTMF choice to text acceptable by external service. Moreover it fill in the $curr_desc variable with the description of the currency e.g. “Polish Zloty”
      • 1 -> USD
      • 2 -> EUR
      • 3 -> GBP
      • 4 -> PLN
  • Exchange
    • Sends the request to the external system and assign the response to the $my_response variable
    • And then provides the result in Say verb:
      • The conversion rate of $nr_units of $curr_desc to Bitcoin is $my_response


Now wasn’t that fun? We showed you how to get rich on cryptocurrency transactions, and along the way, demonstrated several of the most powerful features of Restcomm Connect and Restcomm Visual Designer.

A key point about the demonstration of the use of an external service here is that Restcomm Visual Designer can be used to integrate with any service that allows external access. For example, here, we are using the service, but we could use, or Google Places API to request weather or location information from a Visual Designer app.

For more information or to try this yourself, sign up for a free account here.

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