19 Jan Restcomm Load Balancer 12.0 supports SS7!

We are proud to announce Restcomm Load Balancer 12.0 with support for SS7 and enabling protocols individually

Restcomm Load Balancer 12.0 is derived from the community version, but with enhancements to support configuration as a front end processor (FEP) for SS7 servers including the Restcomm SMSC, USSD and GMLC.

In addition, as this release enables configuring all supported protocols independently, it can be configured to load balance only HTTP/HTTPS or SS7.


  • Added TCAP Load Balancer module, enabling use as a front end processor (FEP) for Restcomm SMSC, USSD, and GMLC;
  • Added HA to TCAP module, enabling clustering support for Restcomm SMSC, USSD, and GMLC;
  • Added configuration option to start all modules separately (e.g., SIP, HTTP, TCAP, SMPP);
  • Added configuration files for Active-Active mode for TCAP balancer;
  • Fixed small bugs.



To get started with Restcomm Load Balancer 12.0, you can download from the Customer Portal or contact Sales.


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For more information about Restcomm Load Balancer 12.0, or other products, please contact Sales at +1 (650) 263 6146.

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