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Making Business Communications Simple

Cloud based Voice and SMS APIs

Restcomm - the only open source full stack CPaaS

   Programmable Voice


Build voice applications for any app, website or voice based communications system with the help of our powerful drag and drop Visual Designer or robust Voice APIs.

   Programmable SMS


Get a complete tool kit that includes powerful APIs and our easy to use Visual Designer. Programmatically send and receive SMS globally for your messaging communications.

The power of CPaaS

Change the way your business connects to the world with Restcomm Programmable Voice and SMS.

For Service Providers


Become your own CPaaS in minutes. Expand in a fast growing market segment by offering differentiated communications services to business customers under your own brand. Restcomm is the only carrier grade CPaaS that allows service providers to leverage their own network.

For Enterprises


Restcomm uniquely separates product roadmap risks from telecom network risks. Enable your enterprise developers to build engaging contextual communications apps via Voice and SMS APIs, while allowing carrier relationship experts to manage independently network routes cost and quality.

Restcomm use cases

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